You Get What You Think About……


One of my favorite sayings that I read in one of Dr Wayne Dyer’s books is “You get what you think about, whether you want it or not”.  That is a pretty powerful statement when you think about it.  They say that every day we have over 60,000 thoughts and that many of them are the same each day. So if you are thinking positive thoughts you are great. If you are thinking mostly negative thoughts or dwell on pain symptoms or think of impending doom–oh boy– not so good for you.

As a fitness trainer and in my role as physical therapist I have many clients come to me with concerns about health.  They have a symptom and their minds immediately go to the worst case scenario ( I have cancer, I may need surgery)  or they mention their symptoms to a close physician /nurse friend and they respond by saying “Oh it could be ____ or _____”  OR they do go and see a professional and they scare them and say ” We need to rule out ______, _____, ____- etc, Of course the most horrible of diagnoses get mentioned. Immediately your mind returns again to the worst case scenario.  This really bothers me   since our minds are so powerful,  and I have seen first hand how this can move anyone in a positive or negative direction.  We can actually manifest REAL symptoms within the body to match what our thoughts are. 

Here’s an example– you go to see a scary movie,  you watch and it gets to the scary part. Your heart rate increases, your blood pressure increases, you start to breathe more rapidly, you swallow hard , even scream.  The movie has  tricked your mind in to believing that the chainsaw murderer is really after YOU.  Even though in reality you know you  are not in the actual situation. We do the same in our Pilates classes when we do visualization meditation.  Instead you visualize being at the beach or on an island or in your most sacred space. You experience the feelings that come along with being in this scene– however with much more pleasing results. Your breathing , heart rate, blood pressure etc all slow down. We have even done visualizations to change blood flow, which can be used to help with migraine headaches.  Either scenario – scary movie or beach scene– you responded to your very own thoughts.  

SO what’s my point?  IT’S THIS–You have control over your thoughts.  You have control over the scenario you choose to envision.  So why not pick the more pleasant one? Why not wake in the morning  ( those of you with pain) and set your intention for the day as–” today I will feel good, today my body will flow through all my activities with lightness and ease.” Talk yourself into feeling good, see it in your mind, feel it.  If you have pain or talk to someone who gives you a negative response or negative idea– change that thought to suit your positive outlook and don’t allow they negative thought to come into your mind.  Of course– things  do happen, people get sick , joints hurt , injuries happen. BUT even in those situations you are still the one in charge of the thoughts that you think. You are in the driver’s seat.  So drive to a nice positive place and keep Dr Dyer’s words close at hand– YOU GET WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT WHETHER YOU WANT IT OR NOT.

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