The Proof is in the Pilates !

Today was a self-affirming day for me.  I had a NEW person that had just used the foam roller for the first time the day before tell me that it was the first time in 3 months that she woke up with out leg pain. As a physical therapist I live for comments like that.  I am passionate about helping people feel better and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if they are dedicated and actually do the exercises regularly they will work.  I studied it, trained in it, practiced it, tested in it and licensed to practice it.

When I was in the clinic I saw wonderful successes with all types of injuries.  But did not regularly get to see the long-term effects of a guided exercise routine, done with precision and professional guidance.  By long-term I mean years.  If any of you have ever had PT you know that you are severely limited in how long you can attend PT. Some times it’s for 6 months, sometimes less.  Many times I had to discharge patients before I knew they were strong enough or ready to be exercising without a professional by their side.  Sometimes even after as few as 6 visits.  Part of the reason that I now practice mainly in the private setting is because I did not feel the patient or myself had enough time to accomplish the goals we set.  Insurances and productivity were my boss. Not the outcomes.

What is wonderfully rewarding to me now, is to see a group of clients that have been with me for a few years,  prove all the theories, research, and Joseph Pilates himself correct.  I see clients that have overcome back pain from severe accidents, postural deformities, joint replacements, and surgeries.  I have seen their bodies change.  Not only physically with muscular definition and weight loss, but  seen changes in flow and ease of movement.  I have seen pain syndromes vanish or lesson . I have seen attitudes towards pain and dysfunction evolve to healthy thought.  I have seen clients learn that it is not about beating yourself to a pulp to achieve exercise results but about focused, controlled, educated movement that gets results.  It’s about knowing WHY you are doing a move and WHAT is happening in the body and HOW your body and mind respond to it.

Successful clients that come to my classes and private sessions have an open mind, they notice that there are improvements that can be made, without taking offense.They let their egos go.  They listen and learn about the anatomical descriptions and physiology behind the problems with our bodies.  When you understand the processes you can make change happen.  We joked today about having a bunch of you show up to a class where people are not performing their best, and scattering you throughout the class so you can inspire people as to how exercise proficiency is achieved.  We will do a Pilates FLASH MOB !!  Who’s in?

To me this is like doing a long-term research project and seeing my hypothesis proved correct.  THE PROOF IS IN THE PILATES.  Do it, live it, see it, feel it, work at it and voila’– magic happens.  It is what keeps me passionate, it is what keeps me creative, and it is why I got into this field to begin with. Your body is a gift to cherish.  Your success is my reward.  Thank you to all of you who make what I do a joy and for allowing me to do what I love. I honor your dedication, you inspire me.

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